A Sermon and a Prayer

23 Sep

A sermon for the congregation of Aubenglade

16th of Agnath 816, Written by Leylinia, Abbess of the Mother

Blessing onto you, for the Mother’s bounty is ripe, her children are hale, and her song is with you.

The Mother's bounty

The Mother’s bounty

Litany of the Mother’s Bounty

As the harvest approaches, let us come together in thanks and forgiveness. Long gone now are the hardships of the summer, the strife over water, the fire at the granary, and the agonizing heat. The months of toil, laboring under a relentless sun, have borne fruit. Do not let those summer rivalries sour Her bounty. Let us rejoice in the cool autumn evenings, finding fellowship in our shared burden, understanding in our shared weariness, and peace in our shared sacrifice.

Unity Hymn

The summer has been long, but the people of Aubenglade have endured. You have lived. You have prospered. Now go in peace and with the Mother’s blessing.

Written in the margin of the sermon are a series of notes. Written in flowing elven script, they read as follows:

Remember to put emphasis on the troubles of the summer.

I am sure that Ren will see right through the symbolism, but he could certainly use the reminder. He spends more and more time out at the lodge these days. Father was right, humans spend far too much time dwelling on the past when they should be living today. It’s probably harmless, but it does not seem to be helping his mood, which seems to grow fouler by the day. It’s not surprising really. The anniversary is just a few weeks away and Valtirus is coming home. 

It will be good to see him and the rest of the company, it has been far too long. By the mother’s grace, this might just put an end to over fifteen years of strife. I doubt Ren can ever truly put those dark days behind him, but maybe after one last adventure, he can finally forgive himself. If not for himself, then maybe for our daughter.

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