All About Loot!

28 Jul

The life of a pirate is short and brutal, but its all worth it if there is a sweet pile of loot waiting for you at the end. In Pirate Loot, your job is to get enough loot to satisfy your crew before any of the other players managed to do the same. The amount of loot you need to win the game varies depending on the number of players.

  • You need 7 loot to win a 4 player game
  • You need 8 loot to win a 3 player game
  • You need 9 loot to win a 2 player game

At the end of each round, the player with the best crew gets to loot first. There are a number of loot cards waiting in the middle of the table equal to the number of players -1. This is the haul. Each loot card in the haul has a value and you add those together to get your total amount of loot.

In addition, some of the loot cards increase or decrease in value depending on the other loot cards in your possession. Check out the sample loot cards below! With your funding help, we can get awesome, unique art for every loot card in the deck!

loot1 loot2 loot3

Remember, Pirate Loot launches on Kickstarter on August 21st! Come back on Thursday when we will reveal the next suit of pirates!

Jason Bulmahn
Minotaur Games