Eventide is Coming!

28 Oct

Edge of Eventide Banner

Thanks to the support of over 50 backers on Patreon, I am busy writing the Edge of Eventide Dramatic Campaign! As of this posting, the Player Characters are in their second round of design and the overall plot of the campaign is going through a number of drafts as its approaches its final form. Excitingly, the first adventure in Arc 1 is starting to come together as well!

Backers over on Patreon have been getting an early look at some of this material, including the first adventure description, an early draft of Valtirus’ Character Portrait, and more. Although you can expect to see some of this material here, backers are invited to give their feedback and learn a lot more about the process by which the Edge of Eventide is created!

What’s Next

In the coming weeks, the first adventure will go into writing, along with the Player’s Guide, GM’s Guide, and the Aubenglade Gazetteer. Backers will get to see early drafts of this material before anyone else. In addition, the sketches for all 6 player characters have arrived. Supporters of the project will get a look at these before they are made final as well!

In addition to the great things going on at the Patreon site, this portal will be getting a lot of new content in the coming weeks. Expect to see an entire section for Eventide players, covering each of the available character in some detail (spoiler free of course). Game Masters will details on the tone and theme of the campaign as well as the first adventure description!

Sounds of Eventide

After talking with the folks over at Syrinscape, they have agreed to make all of the unique sounds created for the Edge of Eventide FREE to supporters of the Patreon. If we hit the $3,000 goal, all of the sound sets will go out to backers at no charge. If you have not given Syrinscape a try, I cannot recommend it highly enough. It is the premier way to add sounds to your game!

Know Direction Interview

Want to learn more about the Edge of Eventide? Listen to this interview with the great people over on the Know Direction Podcast!

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