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18 Oct

Six flawed heroes set out to complete a quest started long ago. A quest that they failed. A quest that cost them the life of a dear friend. That dreadful day ended their fellowship, scattering their number. While some left to find their fortune, others ran to forget their past. Only the pact remained. A pact to reunite to make amends for their failure. A pact to meet again at the Edge of Eventide.


The Edge of Eventide Patreon is now LIVE!

Minotaur Games is excited to announce the launch of Edge of Eventide, a Dramatic Campaign built for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game!

Funded via Patreon, this epic gaming event tells the tale of six heroes, gathering together to put an end to a great evil and avenge a fallen friend. You and your friends will guide them. Your choices will decide their fate. You will journey with them as they face the Edge of Eventide!

As a supporter of this Patreon project, you will receive the adventures and the characters before anyone else! Backers also get an inside look at the process of creating a Dramatic Campaign and are invited to give feedback and thoughts on the adventure itself!

Click HERE to learn more about the Edge of Eventide, or go straight to the Patreon page to give your support!


7 thoughts on “Help Create the Edge of Eventide!

  1. Jason, about how big is each adventure – word count, or levels, or how does it compare to similar adventures? I am also curious when the first installment is planned to be released?


    • Each adventure is designed to be played in one long 8-9 hour session and will be composed of about 10 encounters total. In addition, there will be supplemental GM material and all of the player material. That said, each adventure will vary in terms of size quite a bit. I think the first one will be rather big compared to the second, primarily due to all the setup required to get things moving. This means that each arc (which is made up from three adventures) will have about 120-150 pages of content. That is my rough estimate right now.

      I am hoping to release the first installment before the end of the year.

    • The campaign is designed to be suitable for as few as 4 players, with a few of them being mandatory choices if you play with fewer than 6. GMs could run the campaign with as few as 3, but this would require a good deal of alteration and improvisation.

    • The first adventure is in design right now (12/8/16) and I am hoping to have it to edit by the end of the month. After that, I am hoping they move a bit quicker though the process, hopefully once per month.

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