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Minotaur Games was founded as a source for PDFs filled with great content compatible with the Pathfinder RPG. You can find these Pathfinder PDFs from a variety of online retailers. Check out the following product lines!

Monster Focus

MF Skeletons CoverEveryone likes monsters, whether you are placing them in the dungeon or going up against them in struggle to survive. The Monster Focus line of PDFs is here to give the busy Game Master all of the rules you need to make one monster the central focus of an adventure, or even an entire campaign.

Each PDF contains feats, spells, magic items, and new monster variants, centered around one classic monster. Every product also includes plenty of tools for players to use in facing off against the beast contained within and adventure hooks for the GM to get the players ready for action.


Favored Terrain

Crossroads Inn Cover Every Game Master is short on time. There are adventures to write, monsters to stat up, and gruesome deaths to plot out. Fortunately, the Favored Terrain Line is here to give you detailed locations to drop into your game, giving your PCs a place to go when they are not in the dungeon.

Each PDF in this line includes everything to need to run each iconic location, from a map with detailed notes on each area, to a complete description of the staff and recurring NPCs. Each product also includes a list of goods and services, and a bunch of adventure hooks to get the action started.


Rule Zero

Rule Zero Underlings CoverRule Zero is probably the most important rule of the game. It states that, ultimately, the game is yours to do with as you please. Every other rule is secondary to this one, but changing the rules of the game can be a tricky task. Fortunately, the Minotaur has you covered.

Each PDF is this line is designed to give GMs the tools necessary to tailor the game to fit their needs. Each installment features an entirely reimagined mechanic, designed to give a new perspective on an existing rule!




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