Rule Zero

Rule Zero is probably the most important rule of the game. It states that, ultimately, the game is yours to do with as you please. Every other rule is secondary to this one, but changing the rules of the game can be a tricky task. Fortunately, the Minotaur has you covered.

Each PDF is this line is designed to give GMs the tools necessary to tailor the game to fit their needs. Each installment features an entirely reimagined mechanic, designed to give a new perspective on an existing rule!

Rule Zero: Critical Hits

Rule Zero Critical Hits BigNothing is more exciting than a critical hit. Unfortunately, few things are as disappointing as a poor damage roll following up that dramatic moment. Fortunately, this PDF presents an entirely new way of resolving critical hits, adding excitement back to that natural 20! Learn More!

9-page PDF • $2.99
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Rule Zero: Gem Magic

RZ Gem Magic CoverUnlock the power of precious gemstones! This system allows you to add magic gems to nearly any other magic item, enhancing its powers and abilities. This gigantic PDF includes 100 magic gemstones, four of each type of stone! Learn More!

16-page PDF • $4.99
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Rule Zero: Underlings

Rule Zero Underlings CoverMinions, every good villain needs as many of them as he can threaten into serving. Unfortunately, running a combat with that many toadies can be a real grind. This PDF presents a new way to represent these lesser monsters in your game, allowing you have combats featuring a horde of foes! Learn More!

10-Page PDF • $2.99
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