Brutal Pirates

Sailing the seas in search of a fight, some wonder if the Brutal Pirates are really interested in the Loot at all?Brutal Icon

Pirates of this faction are good and one thing and one thing only: Killing. Many of the Brutal Pirates have recruit effects that cause your opponents to discard cards in play or in their hand, giving you the edge if you employ their bloodthirsty services. Some of the more veteran members of their crew can even force players to discard more than one member of their crew! Adding insult to injury, if you manage to get the Brutal Surgeon into play (see the previews below), you can even recruit some of the cards they kill!

Click on the cards below to get a close up look at this cruel and unforgiving faction!

Card art and layout are samples only.

Check back on July 31st when we will reveal the next pirate faction!

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