Greedy Pirates

Loot. That is all they want. You can keep your glory. You can have your victory. As long as these greedy pirates get that sweet, sweet loot.3rdIcon

Never trust a Greedy pirate. They might act like your friend for the entire voyage until you turn your back on them. Then your ship is on fire and all of the loot in your hold is mysteriously gone. Not surprisingly many of the cards in the Greedy faction have recruit effects that have to deal with loot. They can quickly turn the tide of a game, stealing loot from players and the haul alike. With the right combination of Greedy cards, you can even win the game in a single round of play. That’s the greedy way!

Click on the cards below to take a look at these pirates, but make sure to check your wallet when your done!

Greedy1 Greedy2 Greedy3

Card Art and Layout are samples only.

Come back on August 14th when we will finally get around to revealing the final pirate faction!

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