Lazy Pirates

Work, work, work. The life of a pirate is nothing but work. But not for these layabouts. They just want to relax and if they happen to score some loot in the process, so much the better.

4thIconKick back and relax with the pirates of the Lazy faction. Let everyone else worry about the murder, and the treachery, and the loot. These pirates are here for a good time. With an offer like that, its no surprise that their numbers can swell surprisingly fast. Many of the Lazy pirates have recruit effects that let you sift through the top of the draw deck, looking for more lazy pirates to put into play. This has two effects, it swells the size of your Lazy faction and it gets everyone ever closer to the Set Sail card. Play enough Lazy pirates and the round will be over in no time.

Click on the cards below to take a look at these Lazy pirates. Then its time to party!

Lazy1 Lazy2 Lazy3


Card Art and Layout are samples only.

That rounds out our preview of all four of the factions in Pirate Loot. Come back next Thursday, August 21st for the launch of the Kickstarter supporting this exciting game!

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