We here at Minotaur Games want to ensure that our games are an attractive and valuable addition to any retailer’s offering and we have a number of plans to assist retailers in bringing our games to their customers.

Retail Kit CardPirate Loot Retail Kit

The Pirate Loot Retail Kit contains 3 sets of 6 port cards that can be added to any game of Pirate Loot! This kit is available for FREE from all major hobby distributors and can be ordered just like any other Minotaur Games product. The cards make for great prize support for an in-store tournament and are ONLY available as part of this retail kit!

Rules: Using one set of six cards, players deal out one card at the beginning of a round, applying the effects of that port throughout the round. At the start of the next round, a new port card is dealt. If playing with fewer than 6 factions, make sure to set aside any port cards that affect factions that are not being used.

Product Code: MIN-PLRKIT
MSRP: $0.00
Size: 3.5 x 5, Contents: 18 Cards
Release Date: November 2015

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    • Cards from the Retail Kit can only be acquired from retailers that order the kit from distribution. My recommendation would be to reach out to your local game store and talk to them about ordering the game for their store and a retail kit to help them promote it! They can find out all about the game by contacting their distribution agent.

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