Diary Entry: The Time is Near

15 Sep

15th of Agnath, 816


The Diary

I had that nightmare again.

It comes unbidden every year, growing in frequency as the anniversary approaches. He dies every time. And every time it is my fault. This year is no different, but I take solace in the fact that it will be the last year.

Soon, I’ll be leaving for the gathering. We certainly stand a better chance together, but I cannot help but hope that Leylinia stays away. I am not sure I can face her.

Or her husband.

I wonder if his rage has subsided? I would not be surprised if he still seethed. He suffered for my failings more than anyone. I should prepare a protective ward just in case.

No point in trying to get back to sleep. I might as well take Axiptris for a hunt before I continue my studies. There is so little time remaining.

Will I be ready?

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