Final Days of the Pirate Loot Kickstarter

16 Sep

Project Cover_Art_R5We are in the final days of the Pirate Loot card game Kickstarter! This Friday (September 19th), the ships will set sail on this fast-paced card game of treasure and treachery!

We’ve cruised past funding in just 5 days and have since crushed two of our stretch goals. Now, we are entering the final hours and we need your help us set sail with the best game possible!

There is still time to join the crew! For just $20 you can get a copy of the game! Sign up to be a Gunner at $35 and you will get the game and all the bonuses unlocked during the Kickstarter (including a 6-player expansion deck if the game reaches $40k). Sign up to be a minotaur gunner for $45 and you get all the gunner bonuses, plus 10 Pathfinder-compatible PDFs from Minotaur Games!

Want to learn more, you can see a play-thru of Pirate Loot below!

Full Art, Undead Pirates, and Slap .45

5 Sep

Lots of news to share here this Friday. Pirate Loot is cruising along and the support has truly been amazing! For those of you who have backed the game, thank you! You are helping to make a great game! For the rest of you, there is still plenty of room to join our crew.

Undead PirateEarlier this week, we crushed the $20K stretch goal, unlocking Full Art for the entire game. This means that the majority of the cards in the deck will have their own unique piece of art! The only exception are cards that are duplicated in the deck. These will have the same art for ease of identification.

With the $20K goal, we also revealed the first of two expansion suits set to appear in the 6-player expansion deck. This deck unlocks at $40K and will add two new factions to the game, allowing you to play Pirate Loot with up to 6 players! The suit we revealed is UNDEAD pirates! These gruesome zombies have crawled forth from the depths to drag the loot back down to their watery graves. In game, they focus on manipulating the discard pile, forming an ever growing horde of the dead!

GunslingerFinally, we announced a cross-promotion this week with another exciting kickstarter project. Slap .45 is a game in which you and your fellow gunslingers shoot each other until there is only one cowboy left standing. If you back Slap .45 and Pirate Loot at the Gunner level or above, you will get bonus cards for both games! For Pirate Loot, you will receive a Gunslinger card. This mercenary can join any faction, even switching loyalty during the round. He adds 2 to the faction of your choice!

As of this posting, we are 2 WEEKS from the end of the Pirate Loot kickstarter and just over $3,600 from the $30K stretch goal! So close to 6 bonus Loot cards for every player! Support Pirate Loot and help us make a great game!

Jason Bulmahn
Minotaur Games