Edge of Eventide

Edge of Eventide BannerA ruinous darkness lingers in the lonely, forgotten crevices of the world.
Waiting for Eventide, that twilight when half and half and half again shall make whole.
Rising up to cover all of creation in an godless shade, an end of life.
-Excerpt from the Canticle of Eventide

Welcome to the Edge of Eventide

A Dramatic Campaign built for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

Six flawed heroes set out to complete a quest started long ago. A quest that they failed. A quest that cost them the life of a dear friend. That dreadful day ended their fellowship, scattering their number. While some left to find their fortune, others ran to forget their past. Only the pact remained. A pact to reunite to make amends for their failure. A pact to meet again at the Edge of Eventide.

The Edge of Eventide is a Dramatic Campaign, a series of linked adventures with player characters provided. Each character in this adventure comes with a rich backstory, engaging personality, goals, and motivations. In addition to complex interactions between characters, each PC is also woven into the plot of the adventure, creating a complete storytelling experience.

Broken up into three acts, this campaign is designed to be played in about 60-80 hours. Each act is split into three adventures, each playable in one long session or a few short ones. Each adventure will include new information for the characters as well, including additional background details, custom rules, and personalized options.

Help Fund this Campaign

This project is only possible through the support of gamers like you! The Edge of Eventide campaign is being funded through Patreon, a crowdfunding platform that allows backers to support an artist as they create their work. As an incentive, this project has been set up to collect funds only when an adventure is complete. With each release, all supporters of the project get access to a complementary PDF copy of the adventure, the characters, or both (depending on their level of support). This project will release an adventure once per month at most, with a total of nine adventures making up the entire campaign.

Most importantly, the more this project raises, the more we can add to the quality and features of the campaign. At the lowest level, the project includes the adventure and all of its characters, but with minimal art and a simple layout. As more funds are raised, additional art, layout, and other bonuses are be added. Possibilities include PDF character pawns, sound mixes using Syrinscape, deluxe handout PDFs, and more. This will not increase the cost to you. For more information about the add-ons and additional bonuses, see the Patreon page!


The Campaign

Seventeen years ago, The Company of the Glade, a group of seven adventurers from the small woodland town of Aubenglade stumbled upon a vile plot. Sinister forces were moving against their home and they were the only ones who could stop it. United in purpose and strengthened by their friendship, the company set off into the nearby Teventas Peaks, the source of the vile creatures and the location of their unholy shrine. Fighting their way all the way into the Fane, they battled against a creature made from shadow and deceit. In that moment, when all hung in the balance, they failed… and one of them paid the final price. They questioned their faith, their courage, and their character.

In the end, they even questioned each other.

The Company of the Glade was no more. They failed to put a permanent end to the evil that dwelt in those mountains. They only delayed its ascendancy and one day it would return to darken their home once more. The survivors agreed to reunite when the time was right to finish what they started and to avenge their fallen friend. That time is now and the company is set to gather.

Eventide has returned!

The Characters

The Edge of Eventide campaign includes six premade characters. Players in the campaign will take on the role of one of these heroes. Their actions will decide if they succeed or fail, unify as a company again or carry on a decade old grudge. Will the heroes prove victorious in spite of their failings or overcome their personal demons only to succumb to the encroaching darkness? Their fate yours to decide.

The players in the Edge of Eventide campaign will have the following characters to choose from:

Valtirus (Male Human Wizard): A abjurationist of some skill, Valtirus holds himself personally responsible for the events that took place all those years ago. He is a man possessed, focused on ensuring that he has the power to put an end to this threat permanently. His only release is time spent with Axiptris, his loyal hawk familiar. Click here to read Valtirus’ journal entry.

Leylinia (Female Elf Cleric): Devoted Abbess of Aubenglade and loving wife to Renmar, Leylinia hopes that the upcoming reunion will offer her husband a chance to come to peace with the death of his brother and to forgive Valtirus. She also hopes that in victory she will finally put to rest the questions she has with her own faith. Click here to read Leylinia’s sermon.

Renmar (Male Human Ranger): Loving husband and encouraging father, Renmar is starting to feel his years. Long gone are the glory days of his youth and the wild adventures with his brother. He loves his family, but he struggles to find peace between this life and the daring exploits of the past. He can’t help but feel anger toward the wizard, whose magic failed them all. Click here to read Renmar’s daring tale.

Karwyn (Female Dwarf Fighter): Master of the blade, Karwyn is a skilled mercenary who has spent her years working for anyone that had the coin to afford her services. Never staying in one place for too long, those who have met Karwyn come away with only one lasting impression. She is running; from her past, from her demons, or from some other threat, none can say. Click here to get last call with Karwyn.

Faulkir (Male Halfling Bard): There are few across the world who have not heard tale of Faulkir the Fortunate, Faulkir the Favored, Faulkir the Fool. Although he is admired today by common folk and royalty alike, his friends back home know him as Kir, the halfling runt from the gigantic family on the edge of town. Kir, the coward. Click here to listen to Faulkir’s exciting tale.

Caeth (Female Human Rogue): The life of a professional thief does not leave much room for close friends or family, which is exactly how Caeth likes it. Having run away from home, leaving her mother, shortly after the company disbanded, Caeth has spent years perfecting her art. Click here to follow Caeth on a dangerous job.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my players use their own characters?
Yes, but much of the experience is in the supplied characters. While the adventure is both fun and challenging, much of the richness comes from the connection that the characters have to the story.

Are the characters customizable?
Yes, in fact each of the characters offers a broad number of choices both in terms of rules and personality. While two players taking on the role of Leylinia will have a lot in common, each will have a different experience with the possibility of a wildly different fate.

Where is the campaign set?
The details of the campaign world are left intentionally vague, allowing GMs can set the events into any game world. That said, the adventure also provides all of the material needed to run the game, including maps of the region, towns, and adventure locales.

What is the appropriate age for participants of the campaign?
Edge of Eventide is for players ages 13 and up. There are, however, some themes that explore the darker parts of the adventurer’s experience. While sexuality is not a central issue of the campaign, there are issues that deal with depression, alcoholism, and infidelity. These are not the guiding themes of the campaign, but they do play a part in some of the characters. Options will be provided to minimize or even eliminate these aspects.

Will there be a print edition of this campaign?
There could be, but that is not part of the plan for this Patreon campaign. If there does end up being a print edition, backers of this campaign will receive as big of a discount as I can manage.

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