Pirate Loot FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

The following clarifications are provided for Pirate Loot Base Game and the 6-Player Expansion Deck.

Q: What cards count as being “in play”?
A: The only cards that count as being “in play” are those that have been recruited by the players. Hidden cards count as being “in play” but until they are revealed, they count as sneaky cards with a value of 1. Animated cards are “in play”, but only for effects that specifically target animated or undead cards. Loot cards are not “in play” unless an effect specifically targets them. Cards in hand, in the discard pile, or in the decks do not count as being “in play”.

Q: Does the Mutineer’s penalty apply to every card in play?
A: No, the Mutineer’s penalty is only applied once, after the total value of the faction has been counted. For example, if you have 5 brutal sailors in play, and a greedy mutineer is played on your ship, the total value of your brutal faction is reduced from 5 to 4.

Q: Can the Bosun card copy the recruit effect of my opponents cards?
A: Yes, assuming both cards of the same faction and the cards are face-up, in play. So if you play a clever bosun, you can copy the effect of any clever card that is face-up, in play, regardless of the player that controls that card.

Q: If a Brutal Gunner targets a player and that player discards the Brutal Surgeon, what happens?
A: The player that discarded the Brutal Surgeon recruits the Brutal Surgeon. Unless noted otherwise, ongoing effects are checked at the moment a recruit effect occurs (as opposed to after they are resolved).

Q: If you recruit a hidden card controlled by another player, does it remain hidden?
A: It depends. When you recruit a card controlled by another player, treat it as if the card was recruited from your hand. If the card has the Hide ability, then it can be hidden. If it did not (because it was hidden by another card), then it is revealed when you recruit it and any recruit effect it had is immediately resolved.

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