Pirate Loot Demo Deck

22 Aug
Brutal Gunnder

Sneak Peak of Final Card Design

We are well into the Pirate Loot Kickstarter and the response so far has been amazing! We are already over 65% funded and we are only in our second day! As thanks to everyone who has supported us, and even those considering supporting us, we would like to give you the chance to play Pirate Loot!

Below you will find two PDF files, one of which contains 48 Demo cards while the other contains a simple 2 page rules sheet for playing Pirate Loot!

Now before you grab them, we want to point out a few things. While these do have art and are laid out, they are not representative of what the final cards will look like. For a sneak peak at those, check out the image to the right. In addition, this demo deck only contains cards from 2 of the 4 factions in Pirate Loot (the Brutal and Clever factions) and a small assortment of Loot cards. Finally, when printing the cards, make sure that if you are doing two-sided printing that you set the binding to the short edge. This will ensure that the final sheet of cards prints correctly.

Pirate Loot Demo Deck

Pirate Loot Demo Rules

Thank you for supporting Pirate Loot. Please tell your friends about our game and the Kickstarter! More funding means more Loot for everyone!

Jason Bulmahn
Minotaur Games

The Pirate Loot Kickstarter is LIVE!

21 Aug

Project Cover_Art_R2

Betray your Friends and Steal their Loot!

Recruit a scurvy crew from a hand of ruthless pirates, but act fast. The ships could set sail at any time and only the best crews are going to come home with any Loot!

After months of design and playtesting, we are finally ready to make the Pirate Loot card game a reality, but we need YOUR help! Support the Pirate Loot Kickstarter and you can help us make this game and score some sweet Loot for yourself at the same time! Not only can you get copies of the game, but you can help us design loot cards, name one of the pirate ships in the game, or even get your likeness added to one of the cards that will appear in every deck. If we hit our stretch goals, we will unlock bonus cards, a 6 player expansion deck, and more!

Click Here Visit the Kickstarter Page!

Join our Crew and Help Make Pirate Loot a Reality!

The Pirate Loot Kickstarter will run from August 21st at 10am PST until September 19th at 9pm PST, which also happens to be International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Pirate Loot is a card game of Treasure and Treachery for 2 to 4 players, suitable for ages 13 and up. Pirate Loot is being produced by Minotaur Games. It is designed by Jason Bulmahn, a veteran of the gaming industry, with art by Scott Kurtz and Dylan Meconis and graphic design by Mari Kolkowsky.


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24 Hours until Pirate Loot Kickstarter Launch

20 Aug

24 Hours Until LaunchIn just 24 hours, the Pirate Loot Kickstarter project will launch! I am, of course, a bundle of nerves (see pic), but I truly hope that all of you are excited to see this project get underway.

So, I want to thank you all for coming along with me this far. I know I speak for the team when I say, we greatly appreciate any support you can give us, even if it is only a tweet in support, helping us spread the news. Pirate Loot will only become a reality with your help!

I’d also like to invite you to take a look at the Pirate Loot Kickstarter project before it goes live. Please note that until the moment I hit the launch button, details are subject to change (I am still contemplating altering a few small details), but this should give you a very good idea of what you can expect from the project.

High tide is in 24 hours, then we sail! I hope you are on-board!

Jason Bulmahn
Minotaur Games

Less than 48 hours until Pirate Loot sets sail!

19 Aug

PL 3d Box ArtHere we are in the last two days before the launch of the Pirate Loot kickstarter campaign! It is hard for me to convey how nervous and excited I am to see this project approaching its start. While the team and I are frantically taking care of last minute details, I can now say with 100% confidence that we will be launching at 10am PST on Thursday, August 21st (assuming it goes live the moment I press the big red launch button).

In anticipation, I thought it was about time to show off one of the final art pieces that has been created for this project. There will be a lot more if we hit our funding goals, but for now, I present to you the cover of the Pirate Loot game! This is only a mockup of course, but it is pretty close to what we feel will be the final cover.

Come back tomorrow and I will show you what loot I have in store for you if you decide to support the Pirate Loot game!

Jason Bulmahn
Minotaur Games

Pirate Loot Sails Through Gencon!

18 Aug

With only three days until the launch of the Pirate Loot Kickstarter, the game made its first public debut at the venerable Gencon Game Fair this past weekend. We ran countless demos and handed out about 1,000 promotional cards reminding people of the upcoming project. From game industry luminaries to everyday fans, it seems like folks are really excited to see this project launch later this week.

I am making my way home from Gencon today, but you can expect to see a fair number of updates here this week, leading right up to and through the launch of Thursday. Expect to see some amazing things, including a link to the project before it even goes live so you can check it out!

Set Sail!

Jason Bulmahn
Minotaur Games