Pirate Loot Demo Deck

22 Aug
Brutal Gunnder

Sneak Peak of Final Card Design

We are well into the Pirate Loot Kickstarter and the response so far has been amazing! We are already over 65% funded and we are only in our second day! As thanks to everyone who has supported us, and even those considering supporting us, we would like to give you the chance to play Pirate Loot!

Below you will find two PDF files, one of which contains 48 Demo cards while the other contains a simple 2 page rules sheet for playing Pirate Loot!

Now before you grab them, we want to point out a few things. While these do have art and are laid out, they are not representative of what the final cards will look like. For a sneak peak at those, check out the image to the right. In addition, this demo deck only contains cards from 2 of the 4 factions in Pirate Loot (the Brutal and Clever factions) and a small assortment of Loot cards. Finally, when printing the cards, make sure that if you are doing two-sided printing that you set the binding to the short edge. This will ensure that the final sheet of cards prints correctly.

Pirate Loot Demo Deck

Pirate Loot Demo Rules

Thank you for supporting Pirate Loot. Please tell your friends about our game and the Kickstarter! More funding means more Loot for everyone!

Jason Bulmahn
Minotaur Games

Brutal Pirates Revealed!

24 Jul

In anticipation of the launch of the Pirate Loot Kickstater, we will preview one of the four factions that make up the game each week leading launch on August 21st. This week, we reveal the Brutal pirates!

BrutalArtThese bloodthirsty brigandsĀ are looking for a fight and the other players are in for a world of hurt. With a variety of discard effects, these pirates not only add to your crew, but cause your opponent to lose strength at the same time!

Just don’t make fun of all the knives they carry. They will cut you!

To learn more about the Brutal Pirates, follow THIS link.